HVAC Cleaning

What makes Chemtron’s HVAC cleaning services “exclusive” is that we develop the products we use in our services. We research it, we make it, we test it. The results are cleaner, safer, fresher smelling rooms, improved indoor air quality and an immediate return on investment in lower energy costs.

Air Conditioning Refurbishment & Rejuvenation

GGR by Chemtron is a complete rejuvenation alternative to replacement of Hydronic and Package unit A/C units. The service brings units back to as new condition at only 30% of the replacement cost, delivering the same results.

Mold Remediation

  • Environmental controls and isolation during remediation
  • Removal according to EPA standards.
  • Sanitization of all interior surfaces.

Air Conditioner Cleaning & Treatment

  • Coil and blower cleaning and sanitizing to improve efficient operation
  • EPA registered disinfection products used to manage biological contamination and eliminate sources of odors
  • Coil protection and rust protection applications

Air Conditioner System Duct Coating

  • Long lasting anti-microbial duct treatment & coating
  • Asset protection
  • Increase and maintain temperature and airflow

Room Odor Elimination

  • Remove sources of bad odors
  • Eliminate “musty” and “smoke” smells from rooms and room assets
  • Remove staining and protect rooms surfaces against re-contamination
  • Anti-microbial paint additive coatings

Why Choose Us


Solutions for Industry

Working with customers to deliver industrial customized solutions.


We Know Hospitality

If it’s in the interest of the Hospitality Business, it’s our business.


Conquering Challenges

Our experience and expertise in custom manufacturing allows us to meet all your unique challenges.


How We Work

What makes Chemtron’s HVAC cleaning services “Exclusive” is we make the products we use in our services. We research it, we make it, we test it.

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